1:1 business & marketing coaching

➡️ Do you stare at your phone every time you write an Instagram caption because you just don’t know where to begin?

➡️ Has no one hit the “book now” button even though you had you website designed professionally?

➡️ Did you spend more than 9 hours on “online marketing” this week without tangible results?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above (…or all), let me help you set up and execute a proven marketing strategy that actually gets you clients.

Gillian Bakker

What if…

  • you can easily write captions that convert any non-believer to a paying superfan?
  • you had an easy, foolproof system that only took 5 hours per week to execute so that you have a constant flow of clients?
  • people stalked your account daily and send you messages asking you to work with them?

It’s possible. But you need a system that allows you to create successful content without taking too much time out of your business.

What will we talk about?

I want to give you the opportunity to pick my marketing brain.

By speaking 1:1, you’ll be able to ask me all the questions you have relating social media, growing your business online and sales.

From working with many service providers, I know that marketing and social media are not your number 1 priority. It often feels like a fulltime job you didn’t ask for when you started your entrepreneurial journey. You also feel that you put in so much time and effort into social media posts that don’t directly lead to more sales. So you start wondering why you even try.

Let’s change that together. Let’s create a system that works for you and saves you time. My mission is for you to thrive. I want more engagement, more views and more traffic for you.

Because, let’s be honest, we all know: more eyeballs on your content = more chance your ideal client is watching = bigger chance of sales.

After your sessions…

You will no longer feel frustrated with your marketing. You’ll have a clear strategy plan & you’ll know how to execute it so that you can get new clients.

People will find you online and contact you to work with them.

You’ll have more time to spend on your clients, your business, your friends and family and Netflix!

Your income will no longer rely on people in your current network. A constant flow of new clients will come to you because of your effective online marketing efforts.

Get started today!

Q: How many sessions will I need to get a clear marketing strategy?

A: It depends on how fast you learn! Most of my clients need 5-6 sessions in order for them to execute their strategies the right way. A session is 90 minutes each. The difference between my coaching sessions and online courses is that you will be able to ask questions that are relevant for your business. I will also hold you accountable and make sure that you execute all the steps in order to grow your business. It’s all about taking action!
Q: Can you guarantee I will get 10 new clients in 2 months?

A: No, I can’t guarantee you will get an exact amount of new clients in a certain time period. However, I am convinced that my strategies and techniques will attract more people to your business that you can then turn into paying customers. The amount of new clients and income you will make, depends on your level of dedication. And on the level you are able to execute. Some people stay inside the thinking phase for too long. It’s up to you to perform!
Q: How much does your coaching cost?

A: That depends on the number of sessions you need in order to achieve your goals. I charge €210 ex. vat per session. This includes a 90 minute call/meeting, 1 hour prep time, 1 hour evaluation and your to-do list for the next session. Booking multiple sessions is advised since we can’t cover the whole strategy in 1 session. The amount of sessions is something we will discuss in a discovery call.
Q: Can I follow a course instead and figure it out on my own?

A: Definitely. Look here for all of the courses I offer. There’s three things missing from these courses, and that is accountability, personal advice and transformation for your business. If you think you can achieve your goals without these 3 things, then I highly recommend doing those.
Q: Who is this for?

A: This is for you if you are already on your entrepreneurial journey, but so far you’ve gotten clients through your offline network (friends, family, former colleagues, etc.) and you are ready to expand this network. You are ready to invest in your business and understand that the ROI of this investment is more (passive) income and time for your business and yourself. This is also for you if you are currently working a 9-5 and want to start your business to correct way so that you can leave your job asap.