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Hey, I’m Gillian

But you may call me Jill for short. Yes, Gillian with a G, Jill with a J. I’m a former international figure skater turned life coach.

Speed round

Trilingual: English, Dutch and German | Cappuccino with sweetener | INTJ 5w4 | I visit the beach 3-4 times a week | Cat person, owner of Tika | Masters degree in Computer Mediated Communication | Lived in USA & Berlin | Dutch-Indonesian | Philosophy & spirituality are my jam | Bibi Mae’s mom

Personal development • Growth • Goal oriented

Life & career coaching

Why I coach

I’ve been coaching since I was 13 years old. No, not like this. I started teaching skating at a young age. I worked with advanced skaters, beginners and children with special needs (Special Olympics & autism).

By teaching skating, I learned one important lesson about coaching. Which is: I can’t do the work for you. I can’t solve your problems. But what I can do, is give you pointers in a direction that serves you. That allows you to succeed.

Coaching to me is about planting seeds. I love asking the right questions and giving guidance. When my advice “clicks”, I can see it in your face. The energy shifts, and it feels like the fog has been lifted! My goal is to see you grow steadily. To me, there’s no feeling in the world that compares to that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s skating (I still teach it…) or if it’s life coaching. The concept of coaching stays the same: I’m beside you every step of the way.