3 marketing mistakes

Coaches: don’t make these 3 marketing mistakes

My number one goal: save you time & energy. Online marketing can take up lots of time, especially if you’re just winging it. There is nothing worse than spending hours per week on social media without results. The whole purpose of posting is to find new clients. In this blog, I’ll show you what 3 marketing mistakes to avoid and things you can do to create converting content.


3 marketing mistakes coaches make: #1 using jargon and talking about things your customer doesn’t understand

When people first encounter life coaches, they have NO idea why they’re unhappy. All they know is that their life sucks, they wake up tired and have no sense of purpose.

Talking about “upgrading your mindset” or “finding your true path” are too vague for that person. However, most coaches use these phrases to talk about their services. People who are unhappy generally don’t think of changing their mindset (if they did, you wouldn’t have a business). So diving into these types of posts right from the start won’t trigger potential clients to get in touch with you.

Your social media posts don’t get the attention it deserves because you’re not speaking to this individual in terms they understand.

Instead of saying “how to upgrade your mindset”, try something like “3 tips to start your workday energized”.
Or instead of saying “use intention setting to reach your goals”, you could say “how to define your goal in 3 simple steps”.

Just think of it this way: your future client has many blind spots. They are not familiar with your methods: journaling, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, etc.. So try to avoid talking about these things on social media if you want people to stick around. You need to meet your client at the level they’re at atm.

3 marketing mistakes coaches make: #2 only posting when you feel like it

Online marketing = hard work. It’s not just showing up when you feel like it. It’s consistent posting over a long period of time if you want to see some results.

Rule of thumb: people need to see your face/business/content at least 7 times before they make a buying decision. Not even buy from you, but decide if they want to buy.

Imagine you posting once a week. That means you need 7 weeks before someone maybe decides to buy from you. And that assuming they were online all those 7 times to see your post!

I’m not saying you need to post daily. I understand completely if that is overwhelming. It also depends on how many clients you want to attract from social media. But I do expect you to be online in some shape or form Monday through Friday if you want to make this work. Your business needs to be top of mind at all times!

3 marketing mistakes coaches make: #3 talking about features instead of benefits of coaching

Ok, let’s be honest – coaching can be expensive. Especially since people need more than 1 session. It’s an investment. You and I understand this investment because we know what the value is. But for someone who is just navigating the waters, it’s not clear what benefits coaching actually has.

There lies your task: communicate the benefits instead of the features. To make your future client understand the return on investment, share reviews from former clients. Let others know how you helped transform people’s lives. Focus on communicating the results your previous clients have achieved and what role your coaching played in that scenario. How were you able to help others?

Features about your coaching (session duration, costs, program content) are mere details. Once your future client fully understands what they’re going to get out of your coaching, the price won’t matter. All they want is that desired outcome!

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