How to get clients as a coach when you're just starting out

How to get clients as a coach when you’re just starting out

Yay to you for starting your coaching business. I am super excited you decided to take this path and go for this journey. But now comes the most difficult part: selling your services. You are probably wondering how to get clients as a coach when you’re just starting out. I am here to give you the step-by-step process you need in order to land your first client.

How to get clients as a coach when you’re just starting out tip #1: Post on your private social media channels first

Almost 99.9% of the time, your first client will be someone in your own direct (or indirect) network. When I started my freelance life, my first client was a friend of my mother-in-law. The first client for my social media marketing business was a former colleague of mine I met during my corporate years. Just sayin’.

I know it’s really scary to go out in your own network and tell the whole world you are starting your business. You are afraid some people in your friend list might judge you. Like Judy from high school or auntie Carol. There are two ways to deal with this: block Judy and Carol. OR develop a mindset that allows you to not care about what other people say! You are now a business owner.

Start by posting on your private Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channel. Just a short message saying something like this:

“Hey friends, after years of learning how to [XYZ], I have finally decided to start my own business and coach [ideal client] on [your niche]. At the moment I still have [X amount] of spots left for my coaching. It would mean the world to me if you could spread the news. Or of course book your appointment if you need my help 🙂 For more information, visit my website [website] or look at my official business Facebook/Instagram [leave handle here].”

People in your (in)direct network are easy first clients. Mostly because they already know you and feel comfortable with you. I’m sure that at some point in your life you have approached someone a friend or family member recommended to you. Why did you approach that person? Probably because you trust your friends and family to recommend someone of quality. Right? Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. Use it to your advantage. You probably get requests for business from very unexpected members of your network.

How to get clients as a coach when you’re just starting out tip #2: Use your business social media correctly

The most common mistake I see first time coaches make is using their business social media profiles incorrectly. They start posting pictures of their dog, their favorite coffee and weekly schedule. Mostly because they don’t have any business content yet like (professional) pictures or themselves or brand photos.

At the very beginning of your business you can’t afford to post about your personal life just yet. #toughlovealert: People just don’t care about you. Yet. It’ll come, I promise.

Your business account should be ALL about serving your ideal client. And I put “all” in capital letters for a reason. You need to make sure to communicate what problem you solve for your client, how you go about solving it and what results you guarantee. Basically, you only need to communicate what‘s in it for them?

In a glance people on the internet need to know exactly what you offer in the first 10 seconds of viewing your profile and posts. If that’s not clear to them, you’ve lost their attention and they leave. Grabbing attention,

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now on how to use your business profile correctly in order to land clients? Download the FREE guide right now to learn what type of content actually leads to sales.

How to get clients as a coach when you’re just starting out tip #3: Start building personal relationships with future clients

Once you’ve set up your business profile correctly and using your social media to generate leads (people who are potentially interested), it’s time to start having conversations with your followers without pitching your services.

Have you ever received a private message of someone on social media saying: “hey girl, I am Lindsey and I run [a business]. Please check out my website for XYZ and sign up for my newsletter if you want more info! Thanks! Xoxo”

No, Lindsey, I will not check out your website and I will not sign up for your newsletter because I don’t even know you!

Here’s the thing: people purchase people, not products. In order for someone to become one of your coaching clients they have to know, like and trust you. Building trust is a process that takes longer than the time it takes to hit a follow button.

Show up on social media often (aka show your face), educate your audience, post valuable information and answer all incoming comments and messages. You need to nurture the relationship with your followers. After a while, you’ll notice the same people showing up on your page. You can then approach these people privately and invite them to join your newsletter or ask them if they need any help in a particular area that you can help with.

Social media is not meant for directly selling your services. It’s meant for building a community around your brand and networking. I would suggest using it as such. Create content that inspires, engages, entertains and educates to attract this tribe of loyal followers to your social media channels. From there you can start conversations with every follower who joins your community.

These are the first steps you need to take in order to get your first clients as a coach. Using your social media wisely is a huge part of that. If you need more proven tips on how to stand out online and create content that converts, join the 3 days of essential tips for coaches who want to make money online.

I would love to hear more about you and your business. Did you just start out? What is the biggest struggle you run into? Let me know in the comments below. And let me know which if these tips you are going to implement!

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