Well…2020 has been quite the ride. I think we can all agree that being in lockdown has been an extraordinary experience. All negativity aside, how often do we get a chance in life to hit pause for 3 months? Ordered so by the government? I think – at least, I hope – it’s a one time thing.

During these past 3 months, we had the divine opportunity to take a critical look at our lives. Before lockdown began, my life was Busy (with a capital B). My days were filled from 8am until 11pm. Rushing to meetings at 9. Traveling 1,5 hours for work. Coming home only to open my laptop again. Friends, family, dating, working out, cooking. Like I said, Busy.

And I know I’m not special in that sense. Everyone’s life looks like that, somewhat.

Not being allowed to go to work, events & grocery shopping, all of a sudden chunks of my day opened up! So much more free time.

Because, let’s be honest — no one worked for 8 hours straight at home….

What did you learn from lockdown?

The number 1 thing that changed for me personally was all of the time I suddenly had leftover. Time I couldn’t spend with friends or family or sitting in cafés. I had to find other uses for my time.

And I did! I started:

  • meditating
  • taking beach walks 3-4 times a week
  • journaling more
  • drawing/doodling
  • taking an online course
  • reading the books I bought but never opened
  • …Netflixing again
  • cooking
  • working out at home (yoga & Salty Club)

That’s quite the list if I sum it up…pat on the back for me!

What did you learn? How did you spend all of this extra time? What would you like to continue doing now that lockdown has been (mostly) lifted?

Did you feel better when you had less things to do? What activities did you enjoy doing? How can you incorporate these activities in your “old” day-to-day life?

The “new normal” – what will yours look like?

These past 3 months have given me the opportunity to look at life differently. ⠀

Why was I always in a rush to get to meetings at 9am sharp? ⠀

Why didn’t I enforce my boundaries of personal time? ⠀

Now that the world is getting a little healthier day by day (we’re still not there yet & there are a million other issues), I wonder why we’re in such a hurry to get back to “normal”….whatever that is…⠀

I wonder, what lessons can we learn from this lockdown to shape our “new normal”? ⠀

It can be little things.⠀

Like taking a walk during lunch break so we can spend more time outside. ⠀

Ask our boss for a standard work-from-home morning/afternoon.⠀

Prioritize health, wellness & spirituality over Friday night drinks in bars. 

Take life slow, my friend. Time is the only non-renewable resource! SPEND IT WISELY.

As always, much love from my side of the screen. You are seen, you are heard and you are most definitely loved.