The Champion in You: Pursuing a new career as a former athlete – a guided journal


Not everyone gets to enjoy fame and brand deals after they quit their sports career. TV commercials are only reserved for pro athletes who have already been in the spotlight for many years. So then what are you going to do? You, who has put tireless effort into your sport. What will your life look like after the years of (literal) blood, sweat and tears?

You are going to transmute the skills and mindset you acquired as an athlete to a new career! Use your sport experience as the foundation for a successful, fulfilling job or business. In this guided journal, I take you through the process of uncovering your multiple talents, mapping out your skills, redefining your X factor in order to ignite a career you’re passionate about.

I lead you through the steps that I took when I was forced to quit my international figure skating career. I closed the chapter of my Olympic dreams and felt I had nothing else to offer the world. Thankfully, I was wrong. I have successfully found a way to integrate my experience as a figure skater into my career as a business owner, marketing professional and life coach. And so can you. I can’t wait to take this transformative journey with you.