Tips for going live on Instagram

Tips for going Live on Instagram & Facebook

Oh yes, the much dreaded Live streaming. Are your palms sweating at the thought of going Live on Instagram or Facebook? Do you shut down every time you want to press the Live button? Going live on Instagram & Facebook is a genuine fear, and I am here to help you get over it, friend! I need you to thrive in your business in 2020. Going live is definitely the most effective marketing tool. Ya ready? Read all of my tips below.

A few words of comfort….

Before I am handing you all of my juicy tips, let’s start with some words of comfort. The first time I ever went live, my session lasted 2 minutes. The second time I went live, there were 0 viewers. The third time I went live, I stuttered and my heart was going 500 mph.

The point being? Going live on Instagram is scary AF. The first few times I did were a complete failure as you read above. You’re not weird for avoiding these types of sessions and not knowing how to utilize them properly. It takes practice and skills to overcome the fear of showing up on camera. Let alone showing up LIVE. Most of us aren’t wired to do this. That’s why I want you to prepare carefully for your first few sessions and follow the tips below!

Tips for going Live on Instagram & Facebook #1: PowerPoint is your best friend (preparation)

At one time or another, you probably held a presentation for your class in school. It was nerve wrecking. Standing in front of your classmates and presenting your work. Your PowerPoint presentation was all you had.

Even though that might have been a traumatizing experience for you then, PowerPoint should now be your best friend. It gives structure to your thoughts and it keeps you on track of the things you want to say.

By preparing a PowerPoint presentation you are also going over and practicing the things you want to say before you go live. If, at any point, you feel like you’re rambling, you can return to the PowerPoint presentation on your laptop to get back to your story.

Preparing what you’re going to say when you go live is KEY. Don’t just go live because you feel like you have to. Go live because you have interesting things to share with your audience. Educate them on a specific topic! Giving online mini trainings is the best way to go live (especially if it’s your first time).

Tips for going Live on Instagram & Facebook #2: Start small

Why do you have to go live for a large audience the first time? Even the best tv hosts started at a small local station. So why should you push yourself to do Good Morning America on day 1?

If you’re uncomfortable presenting to a large audience, you can start small. For example, if you have a small Facebook community, that could be a great place to start. Instead of going live on Instagram for 5000 followers.

Go live on a platform where you know not a lot of your audience is active. This way, you get to practice your presentation skills. Because, let’s be honest, it’s really weird talking to a camera but at the same time you’re presenting to actual people.

Next to starting with a small audience, you should also start with a simple topic. Aim to give a live session that lasts about 15 minutes. That should cover the basics of a mini training. Keep it short and sweet. Just test out how you feel in front of the camera.

Because, let’s be honest, it’s really weird talking to a camera but at the same time you’re presenting to actual people.

Tips for going Live on Instagram & Facebook #3: The more, the merrier

Want to know my best secret for showing up on live video? Do it together with friends and colleagues. Before I started my own live video sessions, I was asked to join a live panel discussion on Instagram. I sat in a live video session together with 4 business ladies in the field of online marketing. We had a ball talking and discussing difficult topics! We even had a “host” who would track the time for us and ask us questions to guide the conversation.

This was the best way to break into live video for me. I was not worried or nervous at all because I knew that I wasn’t the only one responsible for keeping the conversation going. I also knew I wouldn’t have to present, rather just have a conversation with friendly colleagues.

If your knees are still shaking at the thought of live video, why not get together with 3 or 4 people in your industry and host a session together? You could initiate it and meet new, interesting people on the way, too! All you need is a phone, a tripod, a meeting room and a topic.

Tips for going Live on Instagram & Facebook #4: Have a purpose to go live

Going live on Instagram often feels as this “event” type of situation where you prepare for just this one session. Having this “event” completely takes over your mindset. That is why you’re scared to do it. I’ve noticed that when I change the purpose of a live video, I’m less nervous.

For example, I needed to create 3 videos for my newsletter. Instead of recording 3 different videos on separate occasions, I decided to do 1 live session where I set out the three topics I needed for my newsletter. After the live session, I downloaded the video and cut it into 3 pieces. DONE.

When I hit the live button, I wasn’t set on giving a mini training, rather I was focused on creating the videos for my newsletter. This took the pressure off of “performing” on my live video. I was still giving my audience valuable information, but I was also doing my own business a favor by combining these two tasks.

It might sound a little weird, but it’s mindset hacks like these that help you get through live video!

It might sound a little weird, but it’s mindset hacks like these that help you get through live video!

What are you scared of, really?

Going live is daunting at first. For everybody! I haven’t met 1 person who confidently went into their first live video or who has never f*cked up in the middle of a session. Is it embarrassing? Yes. Will people forget about your mistake? Also yes. I will comfort you and say: there is NO ONE on the internet that will remember that one time you stuttered on your live video and made a funny noise. NO ONE.

What you do need to ask yourself is: why are you afraid of going live and getting in front of the camera? Why does it bother you so much? Find the limiting beliefs in your mind that are keeping you from having online marketing success. Who cares what people think? You have a business, go run it!

I would love to hear more about you and your business. Did you just start out? What is the biggest struggle you run into? Let me know in the comments below. And let me know which of these tips you are going to implement!

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