Confused about your career path? Stuck in a dead-end job?

Let’s figure out how to leave your mediocre career by finding purpose and fulfillment

You know how they say…

how we spend our days, is how we spend our lives?

Well, since you probably spend 5/7 days working, you better ff-ing enjoy your career.

Work has tremendous impact on our life. It allows us to grow as a person & adds purpose.

But sometimes work feels overwhelming. It’s stressful. Almost like it takes over everything in our life. I know from personal experience.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, just know I’m here to help you find clarity and support you on your journey to career bliss.

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Career Compass Masterclass

There’s nothing like putting theory into practice. We can talk about finding fulfillment, or we can actually DO something to achieve it. I would like to invite you to the Career Compass Masterclass.

A 2 hour online Masterclass where we dive into finding your mission, your why and a career that fits you like a glove. It’s going to be an interactive session where we discuss 5 dimensions to finding purpose.

This is for you: if you’ve recently graduated, and you’re not quite sure what career is best for you. Or if you have had a few jobs & are totally lost on your next step.

The workshop holds 10 people max! I want you to be able to ask all the questions you need.

NEXT WORKSHOP: MARCH 13 2021 (in Dutch)

1:1 Coaching Sessions

If you find yourself driving to work in rush hour traffic dreading the office. If you feel depleted every time you come home from work. Or if you don’t feel like your talents are coming to fruition – it’s time for personal 1:1 coaching.

Together with me, you’ll take the necessary steps to find the perfect job, create more happiness in your life & find fulfillment in your career.

1:1 coaching is highly personal. There is no universal approach or trajectory! Each session is tailored to your situation, goals, progress & willingness to transform.

Invest in your progress today by scheduling your free 45 minute session in which we’ll decide what coaching package is best for you. All while enjoying a cup of coffee, of course.
Coaching sessions can be held in English & Dutch


Your career “aha” moments

A personal development & business podcast that teaches you the ins and outs of a positive mindset & a happy career

Insta Universe is the place for actionable tips & “aha” moments.


Career & life coach for millennials who look for purpose & fulfillment

My mission is to make you thrive & allow you to discover what career fits you best. Whether that means being your own boss or snagging that managers position. All I can say is that it takes pure determination, getting out of your comfort zone and some proven strategies to get you there. And I’m saying that from my own experience….I went from former international athlete, to sad serial job hopper, to fulfilled business owner. If I can do it, so can you. Right?

I want you to focus on the things that make you happy. Get into the driver’s seat of your career and create the life you desire.

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